#MMMay16 – Week 2

As suspected the real challenge for me is not to wear my me-mades but to go and talk a little more about these. In week 2 of me-made-may I managed to take pictures all but two days and here they are.

On sunday I needed something very comfortable: Art Teacher pattern, sleeveless, in viscose jersey royal-blue:

160508klMonday: Art Teacher pattern, sleeveless, in jeans-blue linen

160509klTuesday: me-made-pattern-dress, light denim, unfortunately heavily wrinkeled

160510klWednesday: Art Teacher pattern, sleeveless, in royal-blue linen

160511klThursday: again my new me-made-pattern-dress, light denim, unfortunately wrinkeled again (but I may have taken the picture earlier that day than on tuesday ;-) )160512kl

Friday and Saturday: pictures are somehow missing

Maybe next time I will go for instagram – do you blog on #MMMay?





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